About Us

For a quarter century, Iris Publications has provided professional communications management services to organizations.

From Fortune 500 enterprises to start-up entrepreneurs to national non-profits to local affiliates, each has differentiated itself to its audience through excellence in communications.

We understand that communications is, above all, a creative process. The experience and quality of the human factor – from planning to execution – is critical to outcome. At Iris, we have coupled our decades of experience together with independent agents to provide the services that adhere to that higher standard to achieve excellence for our clients.

We also understand that the basic tenets of communications have not changed as media have morphed from strictly print to include more and more digital means of delivery. The rise of internet-based outlets from the static Web 1.0 sites a decade ago to Web 2.0 points of contact such as blog sites, broadcast email, social networks, and embedded video – all deliverable on computers, tablets, and smartphones – reinforce the need for excellence to compete for attention.

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