Internet Marketing & MarketServ™

The nearly universal availability of access to the Internet in the U.S. and developed countries around the world has opened up new ways of finding new customers and keeping the ones you’ve got for ever-longer and increasing lifetime value. Businesses avoid the Internet at their own peril.

Internet marketing can range from a basic Web site presence to a range of Web-based marketing strategies including online shopping, inquiry generation, and brand awareness. And there are a number of tactics that Web-savvy businesses can use to reach their objectives such as online display advertising, search engine optimization and marketing, blogging and social networks.

Whether you currently have an online strategy that needs review and updating or you’re just getting started, we can help you sort out and prioritize your options.

Here are a few ways we can help you plan and execute what’s best for your business.

Online advertising

Online display ads, search engine optimization, search targeting, geo-targeting, behavioral targeting, contextual targeting, and – most recently – mobile/location targeting are all viable choices. We’ll help you focus on your marketing and campaign objectives to choose the tactics that best fit your circumstances.

And throughout the process, we’ll keep in mind your needs and your budgets.

MarketServ™ – Data-driven advertising for Small and Medium Businesses

It’s not a coincidence that when you’re on the Internet or your smartphone, you’re going to see ads that relate to you and your interests. You’ll see these ads from the world’s largest companies and brands that have the expertise and budgets to promote to millions of viewers based on their individual interests.

MarketServ™ by Iris Publications brings access to the world’s largest ad-serving network to small and medium size businesses.

MarketServ™ puts you in the race for new and repeat customers using big data and predictive analytics technology to hyper-target your campaigns to viewers via their computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones – just like the big brands.

Click here to learn what MarketServ™ can do for you.

Web sites

All businesses should have a site. You may need nothing more than to register a domain name, and set-up the site yourself. There are several easy and low cost ways to do this. Or, you may need a more robust site with design or features beyond what you can do yourself. We can show you how to do-it-yourself, and we have the resources to do it for you.

Social networks and blogs

Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest…don’t happen by themselves, and some are a better fit than others for your marketing strategy. We can help you match your goals and objectives to your options.

Where to start? Contact us.

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